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Hey people.

Game development sadly did not work out for me as a career. I poured all of my effort into one big project during my senior year, but no one was interested in a Zelda knockoff. I was lucky enough to get a job almost a year ago developing integration solutions for large companies involving virtual machines. It's kind of crazy sometimes, and while there are fun and engaging parts, it's often more tedious than enjoyable, especially this past month or so. Still, I'm lucky to have this job, and I can't give it up. Unfortunately, that means no time or energy for Newgrounds, as you may have noticed. Work is just too exhausting. The last thing I want to do after a long day of coding complicated solutions for arbitrary requirements by clients who don't understand the products they own is design and write even more code.

I still want to make games. I still have that dream. Just don't expect me to produce anything any time soon. It'll have to wait until I have some time to myself, or until I finally get on top of things in my chaotic work world. Don't let big companies fool you; on the inside, they're just as messy and confused as we all are, and working for them is a nightmare.

Video games are my passion. The experiences I had with them growing up will never leave me. I wish I had time for more, and I wish I still had the naivety to properly enjoy them. Things are different when you grow up, and I'm terrified that it's only going to get worse. More than anything, I wish I still had the time and energy to apply everything I know about development with everything I love about video games to deliver fantastic creations to you guys.

Stay safe, have fun, and see you in the future. I'll try to be around.

Thank you for everything.

Hey everyone!

I finally graduated, and am hoping to start a new career of making video games. My first effort will be an entirely solo project, the Legend of Sonia! It's a loving homage to one of my favorite classic video game legends with some healthy doses of new ideas to keep things fresh.

You can play a demo right here on Newgrounds, or you can go to the official Kickstarter page to download a standalone version on either Windows or Mac. If you like the demo, please contribute! If you can't contribute, share it with anyone who might be interested!

I love creating games, and I want nothing more than to make this my life. Please help me!

Thank you!!

Animators! Want to help?

2012-01-03 02:34:04 by DarkLink777

Hey! My last post said I wasn't contributing anything to this site in the near future, and that's still true! However, I've got another project in the works that you can help out with if you'd like! Check out my post here: 87837

Basically, you'd be animating the fantasy parts of a fictional roleplaying session while my friends and I act out the real-world nerds sitting around the table. Fun! Check out that link if you're interested, there's a lot more information there. Thanks for reading!


It's been awhile since I've submitted anything, hasn't it? Yes! Will I submit something soon? Nope! Am I working on things? Technically! But it's not serious. Mostly practice, I guess you could say. If I ever happen to finish anything, sure, I'll upload it. But I'm not expecting to do so any time soon.

However, I have an honors project due my senior year (probably spring 2014), and I'm planning to do a large-scale Flash game (my major is computer science). I'd love to do that RPG I keep going on about, but we'll see what happens. In any event, I hope to have something good up then. Something great, even.

Now, odds are I'll post something between now and 2014... but I don't have a clue as to what that might be just yet. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.


(On a wildly unrelated note, here I am doing Jonathon Coulton's Skullcrusher Mountain.)

Getting back on track

2011-05-24 18:02:50 by DarkLink777

Okay, I should've had the clone Flash done by now, honestly. However, for the past week I've been unable to work on it because my hard drive went out and I was waiting for my new one to get here. Fortunately, I was able to use computer wizardry (command prompt from the Windows recovery menu) to save my important files, Flash projects included. So I have the file, I have Flash, and I should start working on it again soon. Still sorting a few other things out, it's not the highest priority at the moment. But I'll do it! Worry not.

Flashless D:

2011-04-02 22:40:10 by DarkLink777

Sorry everyone, but don't expect any content for awhile.

There's a long story about my laptop involving an effort to install RAM that ended in me reformatting my hard drive, so in short I no longer have a Flash editor.

Now, all the things I've uploaded so far to Newgrounds were made in Macromedia Flash 8, but that editor is actually woefully out of date; Flash hasn't even been owned by Macromedia in years, it's Adobe's now. So even if I could find the install disc, I'm not sure that's what I want. I'm thinking about getting the latest from Adobe, which is Adobe Flash Professional CS5 or something like that. However, it's very expensive, about $700 or something like that. Fortunately for me, there's a student discount, and I am a student, so I could probably get mine for a little less than $200. That's not bad, but still a bit more than I'm willing to spend at the moment, especially considering the 3DS I bought recently. xD

So... I won't upload any content for awhile. I'll likely make another news post when I do get something, though, so... look forward to that, I guess.

Sorry folks, this one's going to be animated by me. Bummer, right? Oh well.

Here's the whole script:

The original person and the clone are standing in a plain white room. They face each other, eyes locked, each curiously examining the other.
Narrator: They say there are only two appropriate responses to being locked in a private room with a perfect copy of yourself: either fight it in what will surely be the most evenly-matched battle you'll ever encounter... or make love to it, both of you knowing exactly how to pleasure the other, in what will surely be the most orgasmic sex you will ever have in your life. I have always known the answer to this question... and now here I am, staring at an exact copy of myself, the same thought running through our minds. Here we go.
One person steps forward, eyes slipping shut as his or her hands rise to the other person's cheeks to gently cup that person's head... but the other person slams a fist into the face of the first, sending him or her reeling backward and clutching at his or her nose. We'll call the lover the original and the fighter the clone, just to keep things straight in the script.
Original: Augh, jeez! What was that?!
Clone: What? I hit you.
Original: Ugh, I see that...
The original wipes at his or her nose.
Clone: Well, duh! What did you expe--... No, wait, wait... What were you going to do..?
The original blushes.
Original: Er, well, you know... uh... just...
The original gestures vaguely and shrugs. The clone looks disgusted.
Clone: You thought..?!
Original:You hit me! How was I supposed to know? I thought you'd be into it!
Clone: That's disgusting...
Original: Fine, fine... But if we're going to fight, I get a free hit on you.
Clone: ...Fine.
The clone squeezes his or her eyes shut, waiting for the impact. The original starts feeling him/her up.
Clone: Oh, come on!
Original: What? Don't act like you haven't considered it!
Clone: I haven't!
Original: How could that be?! We're practically the same person!
Cut to a hidden observation room where a few men in white lab coats stand smiling as they watch.
Doctor 1:S/he has a point, Doctor. Shouldn't the clone and the original have virtually identical thought processes?
Doctor 2: Oh, they're not clones. They're just identical twins separated at birth.
Doctor 1 looks surprised, like he might object.
Doctor 1: ...Oh. Yeah, that makes sense, then.
The two doctors watch as the more aggressive person wrestles the other one to the ground, and the other keeps trying to settle things sensually. Many grunts of exertion as they roll around. Fade out.

Here's a link to the cast audition thread over at the VAC: .cgi?board=general&action=display&thre ad=20258

You don't have to be a member, just follow the instructions there and send me an e-mail. Thanks!

After the great success of my previous script-posted-in-my-news, Paging Dr. Seuss (animated by the Thingy5), I thought I'd post another. I already gave theThingy5 another script, which he'll get to when he's not busy with his own projects, and that's fine. In the meantime, here's something you can animate if you wish; just send me a message and show me a sample of your work, then we can talk about voices and direction and stuff if I like you. Anyway, here goes.


[We open in a somewhat dingy old tavern. It's storming outside, but nice and warm indoors. A few seamen sit around a round wooden table, mugs in hand. There's a skinny cabin boy named Brandon, a burly sailor named Harry, and a grizzled pirate named Pegdick. Yeah.]

Harry: "...And that's how I got me hook hand." He holds up his hand to demonstrate.

Brandon: "Wow... That's some story!"

Pegdick: "Yarr, that be nothin'. Did I ever tell ye lads how I came to be known across the seas as the feared pirate Pegdick?"

Harry: "Err... No, Cap'n Pegdick..."

Brandon: "Uh... Is this something I want to hear..?"

Pegdick: "So there I was... Standing on me ship, leaning over the railing, me dick a-wavin' in the wind..."

Harry: "Okay, I'm gonna stop you right there. Why was your dick out?"

Pegdick: "Well, if'n ye must know, I sawr a marrmaid out in them there waters!" Pause. "Either that, or a sea cow. Either way, I wanted to f--k it." The other two look rather disgusted. "Anywho, there I stood, dick a-waggin', when a great white shark leapt up from the salty deep, jaws wide open ta --"

Brandon: "Woah! Cap'n! Can we just... skip this part? I think we all get the --"

Pegdick: "An' 'e ripped my dick clean off with his multiple rows of serrated jaws! Omph!" The noise he makes is that of biting; he snaps his jaws together to mimic the shark. The other two wince visible; Harry looks pale.

Harry: "So... you got a peg to replace... it?"

Pegdick: Nods. "Yarr! And now, I always got wood!" He stands up as he says this; he appears to have an erection. Harry looks sick. Brandon winces, disgusted, then reaches over to rap his knuckles on it. He pulls away sharply, eyes widening.

Brandon: "What the hell?! That's not wood!!"

Pegdick: "Aye... aye, well... I may've made up... some o' the finer details..."

Harry: "Why the hell do you have an erection now, anyway?!"

Pegdick: "Yaarr, I always got wood!"

Harry: "I thought that was a stupid pun!"

Pegdick: "Nay... it be a medical condition." He sits back down with a sigh. "Ye wanna know the moral o' the story, boys?" Brandon shakes his head rapidly. Harry just looks repulsed. "...Never f--k a sea cow."


Yes, it's juvenile. Yes, I think it's funny. Yes, it's past 2 AM right now and I probably shouldn't be posting things to the front page. But you know what? ..................

Ah! I snuck a project up on you! It's called Bloodless, and it's a strategy-based vampire hunter sim thingy! Go check it out!

Check it out heeeeere:

Ta Da! New Flash!

2010-08-07 14:51:06 by DarkLink777

Huzzah! After many months of hard work, TheThingy5 has finally finished the animation I wrote the script for way back when. Paging Dr. Seuss!

Here's the link:

Go check it out, I'm extremely proud! :D